The Escape of the Seven (2023 Series)

The Escape of the Seven (2023 Series)

The day the rain of lies poured. The fire pit is here.

The mysterious disappearance of a girl brings together seven people from all different walks of life. They all have an intertwined connection to her disappearance in the most horrific, unfathomable, and despicable way. As money drives them to their greed, lies, and delirium, they face divine retribution as they struggle for their lives in a picturesque revenge. How far will they go to claim their innocence, and will anyone make it out alive?

S01 - War for Survival: What does a drama production company CEO, an ex-gangster, a wannabe idol, an OBGYN doctor, an entertainment agency CEO, a school art teacher,and a detective have in common? These 7 individuals were all involved in the heated case of a missing girl. As they attempt to escape their fate and pursue the truth, they find themselves embroiled in secrets, lies, and desires in this retribution tale.

S02 - Resurrection: Finishes with the ending that Min Do-hyeok is killed. However, he is not. He comes back to get his revenge on Matthew Lee, who is not Da-mi’s adoptive father, Lee Hwi-so as he claims. Min Do-hyeok is falsely accused of charges committed by Matthew Lee and tries to clear himself of such false charge.


S02E16 The Final Battle

Min Do Hyuk corners Matthew and exposes the truth behind all his evil deeds in front of the press as his final blow. With no way to escape the accusations, Matthew takes matters into his own hands, creating carnage. Meanwhile, Mone turns herself in as Chan Sung's murderer, and the prosecution goes after Matthew.


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